About Blufish

We're not your traditional agency, by any means.

What We Do

We offer companies the expertise of a full-service brand and advertising agency, but without the staff commitment, overhead and expense of a traditional agency relationship. BluFish brings together experienced, talented people and your brand. Whether you're a firm that's struggling to manage project work and numerous suppliers, a corporation that needs to define its brands more sharply or a new business that needs branding and internet marketing services in a hurry, you need to manage marketing resources effectively. BluFish is a tool that can support, protect and grow your brand, whether online, in print, traditional media or digital media. We can help.

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How We Do It

There is no B-team at BluFish. Kids and second-teamers didn't do the work in our portfolio; the kind ad agencies typically throw at small to medium size accounts. It was done by creative people who've worked together for years, seasoned pros with a wealth of experience in a myriad of categories: banking and insurance, tourism and hospitality, packaged goods and retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals and the list goes on. For you, that experience and creative maturity mean a shorter learning curve, fewer costly missteps, zero tantrums and work that's as strategically "on" as it is creative. And because we can draw from a large pool of creative talent and bring them in "as needed," you get what you pay for - the right team for your project for as long as you need them.

Discovery Session

This is where we sit down and expect you to inundate us with information so we can soak it all in! We talk about your needs, where you're currently at, where you want to be and how we can help you get there.

Creativity Briefs

We outline our plan of action based upon the information gathered in the discovery session. Deliverables, creative guidelines and estimates are described in detail so that we know we're all on the same page.

Creative Process

It's gonna get interesting! Ideas scratched onto paper become a reality through the creative process. Our relentless approach, pushing a project until it's right where it needs to be, is what stands behind our quality of work.


Maybe you get a tangible piece to hold in your hands, see your commercial on tv or launch a brand new website. Whatever the result, this is where hard work comes to fruition and is released out to your target audience.

Who We've Worked With


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Our Leadership

What's one of the pros of working with a small agency? You get to know the leaders who run the place! Rather than having layer upon layer of managers and executives, we instead have a solid core team of individuals who bring years of experience to the table. They're also the ones who will be sitting with you AT the table to discuss your needs. We look forward to meeting you there.

Owner / Creative Manager 

Ryan W. Traver

Ryan has been with BluFish for nearly two decades and holds degrees in Marketing, General Business and Textile/Apparel Studies from Western Michigan University. He brings an exceptionally keen eye and superb attention to detail in overseeing all creative that is produced by BluFish. A true competitor at heart, he enjoys the challenge of building new brands or bringing new life to brands that already exist. Known for giving his time to many local organizations, Ryan has been awarded and recognized for his generosity in supporting small businesses and various causes throughout the region.

Ryan has worked strategically with many well-known brands, including Muhammad Ali and Kellogg’s. Throughout his time at BluFish he has helped guide a diverse clientele across a wide array of industries, some of which include:

  • Mott Community College
  • Western Michigan University – College of Aviation
  • Albion College
  • Olivet College
  • Clarke University
  • Oaklawn Hospital
  • Family Surgical & Vein Care
  • The Medalist Golf Club
  • The Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival
  • Calhoun County Visitors Bureau
  • Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance
  • The City of Marshall
  • Adrian Steel
  • Kellogg’s
  • Kashi Foods
  • Schuler’s Restaurant
  • Chompsticks
  • International Food Protection Training Institute
  • Lakeview Ford Lincoln
  • BDS Suspensions
  • Diekema Hamman Architecture & Engineering
  • The Mike Furrey Foundation
  • The Drew Stanton High 5ive Foundation
  • Starr Commonwealth
  • Wellspring Lutheran Services
  • Marshall Community Credit Union

Flounder / President Emeritus

William L. Traver

After founding Traver and Associates in 1980 and building a loyal client base, Bill Traver purchased the Kalamazoo, Michigan office of Earle Palmer Brown in 1993 and formed TraverRohrback, achieving capitalized billings of $26 million. In early 2000, Traver sold his majority interest in TraverRohrback and retired as CEO Emeritus before forming BluFish Consulting, LLC in late 2000.  Bill has spent more than 40 years working with small to large companies locally and nationally – helping to build stronger brands through marketing strategy, advertising and public relations.

Assistant Account Executive / Project Manager

Erica L. Eash

Erica holds a Master of Science in Communication degree from Grand Valley State University and brings with her nearly ten years of professional experience. Erica is responsible for assisting with the management of project workflow and creative direction. Throughout her time at BluFish she has worked with clients that include:

  • Mott Community College
  • Adrian Steel
  • Albion College
  • Oaklawn Hospital
  • Marshall Blues Festival
  • The Medalist Golf Club
  • Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show
  • The High 5ive Foundation