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BluFish Supports Local Community with BluFish Gives Back Donation to Marshall’s New Social District

There’s no questioning whether or not small businesses have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19. Specifically, the food and drink industry has had to adapt to the limitations of social distancing, developing innovative ways to still serve their customers while protecting the health and safety of both guests and employees.

Out of these challenges emerged the creation of Marshall’s Social District – a designated outdoor area located downtown where patrons can purchase alcoholic beverages from participating establishments and easily maintain social distancing while outside. Seeing this as a wonderful way to support Marshall’s downtown and the restaurants that exist there, BluFish donated creative services to the Social District as part of its BluFish Gives Back campaign.

“We work in a creative industry, so coming up with solutions to problems is something we do every day,” said Ryan Traver, Owner/President of BluFish Consulting. “The development of the Social District is a great solution to the challenges that the restaurant industry is facing; and being part of this initiative seemed like a wonderful way to support the place where we live, work, play, eat and drink!”

BluFish donated creative services that included logo and sign designs for signage placed around downtown. Being that this concept is new to Marshall, branding of the Social District was important, along with signage that communicates to the public where the boundaries are and the hours that the Social District is in effect.

“The Social District officially opened at the end of September and it was really nice to see people outside, supporting our local restaurants, and enjoying life again in a responsible and safe way,” Traver said. “It’s been a tough year for many, so we’re happy to be part of something that gives the people in our community something to be exited about.”

Currently, participating vendors include Schuler’s Restaurant & Pub, Copper Athletic Club, Broadway Grille, Grand River Brewery, and Mike’s Place. Click here for a map of the Social District’s consumption area and operating hours.


For a complete list of BluFish Gives Back donation recipients, go to

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