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Who’s to say that the little guys can’t run with the big dogs? It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is competitive. As one of the few remaining independent hospitals in the state, Oaklawn Hospital needs to stay relevant in a rapidly growing landscape. The quality and level of their marketing initiatives has to keep up with the larger marketing budgets of the bigger health systems. That’s where BluFish comes in.

The longstanding partnership between BluFish and Oaklawn has not only survived executive leadership changes, but its weathered the storm of healthcare reform. By working with BluFish, Oaklawn has been able to implement a brand strategy and plan that has positioned them as equals to the larger hospital systems in the region. We’re a core component of Oaklawn’s marketing team as we’re involved in weekly planning meetings, the development and management of a comprehensive communications plan, creation and execution of monthly social calendars, and more.

Creative services are all over the map and have included everything from a website redesign to print ads, billboards to commercials, radio advertising to photography, and everything in-between. To date, Oaklawn continues to receive the highest rankings in the county and patient-satisfaction scores are continuously on the rise. In several instances, we’ve moved the awareness needle for a service line so much that they reach their peak capacity in a matter of months. We love when that happens.

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