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Whether you're looking to strip down complicated information and turn it into an interesting animated infographic, or you just want to add a flare of playfulness to your brand, we've seen animation produce great results for our clients.


In addition to handling your outdoor creative needs, we have a seasoned media specialist on deck who is ready to lend her expertise in researching outdoor locations, availability, costs, and placement in order to help ensure that you get the most out of your next outdoor campaign.

Brand Development & Strategy

Your brand strategy isn’t a one-time thing. It isn’t delivered by an agency or turned in by the team. Your strategy is created based on a solid understanding of your market, target audiences and points of differentiation. Then your message is created, delivered creatively and effectively with the goals in mind.


In a digital world, tangible pieces hold extra value. When it comes to print collateral, we pay attention to detail. From beautiful design to the way a piece feels in your hands, collateral is more than just a collection of print pieces. When done right, your collateral can (and should) be an experience.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

If you want to reach your target audiences where they are, you need to consider digital marketing channels. Whether you call it interactive marketing, internet marketing, digital advertising or online marketing, you need someone who understands the ever-changing digital landscape.

Exterior / Interior Building Design & Signage

Over the years we have worked with many clients to improve their physical locations with exterior signage, remodels and interior renovations.


The level at which we rely on illustration is specific to you, your needs, and your brand. We love creating work that is unique, and illustration often helps us do exactly that.

Logo Development

Your logo is like the unique thumbprint of your brand and is often the first thing that's developed after your name. Unique and memorable, your logo should live on everything you produce. It's important to get it right.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for your business should serve as the foundation of your overall marketing communication plans and company growth. Your strategy is only as strong as the thinking behind it.

Media Planning & Buying

While our roots run deep in media planning and buying for clients, our approach remains constant; working with clients to identify the best media outlets, mediums and creative campaigns to deliver an ROI for their business.

Package Design

Sometimes it's ok to judge a book by its cover... and in this case, an item by its packaging. If you have a product that you're ready to take to market, it's important that you invest in packaging design that does your product justice.


With an experienced team of award-winning photographers, we prioritize original photography that professionally reflects the story of your brand through beautiful imagery.

Print Media

Strong conceptual print ads placed in targeted media can make a lasting impression and deliver unlimited exposure. Years of experience developing award-winning print campaigns demonstrates that we help our clients do exactly that.

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence is a must for any brand these days. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s the easiest way to reach a massive amount of people that you might not have otherwise.

Transit & Out-of-Home Advertising

Transit and out-of-home advertising is pretty much everything “outdoors,” which means this is a realm of endless possibilities. Used as a support media that connects with the overall brand campaign and story, the goal is to target places where your consumers live, work and play.

Vehicle Wraps

Whether you own one company vehicle or an entire fleet, a small car or a semi-truck, it's worth considering how your vehicles represent your brand.


With a wide variety of successful video projects under our belt, we’re experts at identifying the story that needs to be told in the most effective and compelling way.

Website Design & Development

A site that is well thought out takes into account your business objectives and incorporates a solid SEO structure. You can count on BluFish to work alongside you and your staff to create a website that is customized for your business.

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