Adrian Steel

Think Outside the Van

When Adrian Steel decided to formalize their line of interior upfit products by calling it Opterior, they hired BluFish to help with branding. Initially, focus was placed on the creation of a logo, tagline, and segment-specific catalogs for Opterior, which included original lifestyle photography. As additional needs were identified, our partnership with Adrian Steel quickly expanded.

To date, we have launched campaigns for their line of grip lock and drop down ladder racks, in addition to a campaign for their all-new composite partition. We have traveled the country capturing award-winning lifestyle imagery that features their products being used on different job-sites. And we have weathered the elements to produce countless videos for both entertainment value and informational/ training purposes. Everything from new print collateral to large format graphics in their showroom have been unveiled in an effort to clearly communicate to their end users that they can save both time and money by working smarter with Opterior.

In 2017, we received a total of seven ADDY awards for the work done for Adrian Steel, including two best of show and two gold awards.

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  • Best of Show & Gold ADDY | 2017
    “Think Outside the Van” Photography
  • Best of Show & Silver ADDY | 2017
    "Opterior" Animated Video
  • Gold ADDY | 2017
    “Think Outside The Van” Brochure Campaign
  • Silver ADDY | 2017
    “Think Outside the Van” Marketing Wall Design
  • Silver ADDY | 2017
    “All-New Composite Partition” Animated Video
Best of Show ADDY Award | 2017
Best of Show ADDY Award | 2017
Gold ADDY | 2017
Silver ADDY | 2017