Marshall Blues Festival

The Marshall Blues Festival is one of Marshall’s biggest annual events, not only bringing in an impressive line-up of musicians, but attracting thousands of spectators from all over the Midwest. BluFish has successfully handled all promo materials for Blues Fest for over 10 years, including posters, stage banners, billboards, digital, print, and more. Thanks to unique campaigns that have steadily increased awareness year after year, on event day the streets of Marshall are now brimming with people yearning for a good night of entertainment. We are well on our way to putting Marshall on the map for hosting the premiere blues event in the region.

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  • 2018 Blues Fest Poster | 2019
    Gold ADDY
  • 2017 Blues Fest Poster | 2018
    Gold ADDY
  • 2015 Blues Fest Campaign | 2016
    Gold ADDY
Gold ADDY | 2019
Gold ADDY | 2018
Gold ADDY | 2016